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Shannon Rae is a singer-songwriter from Southern California - 100 Proof California Country Rock, combining influences of country, rock, pop and even a splash of bluegrass! 




What A Great Night!  

What a great show last night at Saint Rocke! We rocked the house but sure missed Stephen Zipper who fell ill on Wednesday. Get well fast, big brother! We love you! 
K Phillips was absolutely amazing! If you aren't familiar with his music, be sure to check him out. He is currently on tour with Rob Thomas and Counting Crows. Super tight band!  
Thanks to all who came out to support our original project! David Polich and I truly appreciate it! 

Song of the Week - Black Rose in Cellophane  

Some songs can really hit us right in the heart. Like a soundtrack to our lives. So many people I know have lost their loved ones this year and each time, I think of this song. A song poignantly written by my producer, David Polich, in remembrance of a loved one that passed in his family. 
I dedicate this song in loving memory of my father, Robert. 
I love you, Dad, and hope I made you proud.

Song of the Week - Beer, Trucks & Girls!  

In honor of the 97th NFL season opening this Thursday, I give you this week's song! Expertly written by my producer, David Polich, this song is pure fun, with all of the ingredients you need for a great tailgate party! Beer, Trucks & Girls! The first time I heard it I thought it would be such a great song to have Kid Rock do a little guest rap on. A girl can dream, right? 😉 
Come hear it live at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach next Thurday, September 15th! We're on at 8pm sharp opening for the amazing K Phillips! Click the link below for tickets. Hope to see you there! 
The full album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby & Spotify. Enjoy.

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Dave and I worked on 2 great songs for album #2 yesterday! Denial, inspired by some current real life events, and Tequila, cuz well, who doesn't like a little tequila? Also threw around some ideas for a couple more. Can't believe how close we are to the 12 we need and also have a couple for #3! Rock n Roll! 

Song of the Week - I Saw John Lennon! 

Out of all of the 14 babies on the album, this one is my favorite. When my producer, David Polich, introduced me to this song, it gave me goosebumps and I simply could not wait to record it. It is an epic song that speaks of better days and a peaceful man that we all admire. It has a fantastic solo reminiscent of the Lennon era expertly delivered by the amazing Bruce Lawrence. Feel free to share with any of your friends that are Beatles/Lennon fans. I guess that means...share with everyone.  
The full album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby & Spotify. Enjoy. 

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Upcoming Show!  

September 15th at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach! Come check out the acoustic version of our show with Bruce Lawrence & Stephen Zipper as we open for the amazing K Phillips (who is currently on tour with Rob Thomas & Counting Crows) and perform songs from my debut album! See you there! 
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Song of the Week - Ain't Nothin U Can Do! 

Sometimes there just Ain't Nothin U Can Do. This song written with my producer, David Polich, is nothing but fun. But it also tells you that you cannot find the answers to your problems in drugs and alcohol. I just love the line "Hey Jack Daniels leave me alone" and to be honest, Jack and I broke up a long, long time ago.  
Be sure to take note of the mandolin in this song, expertly played by the amazing Bruce Lawrence.  
The full album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby & Spotify. Enjoy!

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Song of the Week - Gotta Let Go!  

This week's pick is Gotta Let Go! When David Polich invited me to sing some demos for him, I liked the songs but they weren't really me. I had given him my old demo and we had talked about reworking those. Well, the next time I came back he surprised me and said, "I wrote one for you". He taught it to me line by line right then and there. And some of the lines we recorded that day were so good and so organic that they remained in the final cut that you will hear below. Also, Dave is very good at taking parts of songs and mixing them with others to make one really great song. Some lyrics from a song on my demo ended up in this one.  
That day, an unbelievable, creative partnership was born and my dreams came true. And because this song is the one that really got us rolling, it will always have a soft spot in my heart. Enjoy!
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My Happy Place!  

I am back in the studio with Dave working on album #2! We already have scratch versions of 8 songs, I'm working on writing three and Dave has two more pouring out of him after seeing Miranda Lambert the other night. We are only planning to put 10 on the album. Going to be hard to choose...but hmm...the rest can go on #3! Rock n Roll! 

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Shannon Rae Returns to Simi Valley Days Music Festival

Simi Valley Town Center, 1555 Simi Town Center Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Yee Haw!!! 🤠 Shannon Rae and 100 Proof returns to Simi Valley Days on Saturday, September 15th with a full lineup of fantastic Cali Country artists! With carnival rides, food vendors, beer, a parade, and high-level musical acts, Simi Valley Days is one of the premier events in the area. One low price gets you into the music and fun! Grab the whole family and come on out!!!