1. Get Lucky

From the recording Lucky 13

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Written by Dave Polich and Shannon Rae
Mixed and mastered by Faux Music LLC
(c) 2018 Shannon Rae - All Rights Reserved
Rick Gagliano, Ted Mentry – Guitars
Rick Thibodeau – Bass
Dave Polich – Piano, Backing Vocals
Scott Connor – Drums
Shannon Rae – Lead and Backing Vocals



When you're down and you're out and you're filled with doubt
And you can see no happy end
When you've been down so long you can't get up
You're gonna break instead of bend

You gotta pick yourself up by those straps
You gotta hold your head up high
Lick your wounds, say your prayers
Spread your wings and fly

Cuz hey, you know what they say
You can't win, if you don't play
Strut your stuff, ‘cause you're enough
Place your bet and get lucky!
Get high on yourself, get off that shelf
Roll those dice and get lucky!

When you're down on your luck, and nothing but stuck
With your wheels spinnin' round and round
When it's all so fast, you can't slow down
You land face first in the ground

Ya gotta check your engine and hey did I mention that it's all gonna work out fine
Put your pedal to the metal and don't you settle till you scream through the finish line


Swim upstream
Chase your dream
Show your cards and get lucky
Believe in you do what you do
Take a chance and get lucky
Get, get, get, get, get, Get Lucky!!!