From the recording Lucky 13

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Written by Dave Polich and Shannon Rae
Mixed and Mastered by Faux Music LLC
(c)2018 Shannon Rae - All Rights Reserved
Rick Gagliano, Ted Mentry– Guitars
Steve Zipper – Bass
Dave Polich – Organ, Backing Vocals
Scott Connor– Drums
Shannon Rae – Lead Vocal



He'd fly me on his feet like a big airplane
Always called me peanut never used my real name
Kept me safe from the grown up world
From the day I was born
I was a daddy's girl

He taught me how to laugh and never complain
As I got a little older
Well I'm sure I was a pain
Tomboy or pageant queen covered in pearls
No matter how old
I'm still a daddy's girl
A daddy's girl

He told me be honest, stay humble, work hard and be strong
If I took a wrong turn well it didn't take long
He pushed me harder each and every day
To make him proud somehow, someway



All grown up with a daughter of my own
That pride in his eyes
Who ever would’ve known?
Hair like his just a little more curl
And just like me
She's a daddy's girl
A daddy's girl
Well she's a daddy's girl
Yeah she's a daddy's girl
Yeah she's a daddy's girl

Now he looks down from heaven watchin' over my world
Forever and a day I’ll be my daddy's girl